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Nuo Zone Institute of Fashion Design aims to assist you in getting an immediate placement at various industries. We at our institute train you to take up assignments such as, forecast analyzers, technical designers, accessory designers, stylists, fashion coordinators, fashion illustrators, developers, visual merchandisers, concept designers, boutique entrepreneurs, home textile designers, in quality assurance & a lot more keeping in mind the industrial demand. The industry is in constant search of talent at various levels. We are in constant touch with the corporate offices to ensure that individuals groomed at our institute are placed at appropriately.


Fashion Designing gives you that opportunity to be your own boss. You can train and work under some well-known designer and gain that much needed experience and get relevant exposure in the fashion industry before setting up your own boutique. You can even freelance for fashion houses. Alternatively, you can find employment in export house and garment manufacturing unit.


Fashion choreographers work closely with fashion designers and stylists to plan and implement fashion shows based on the vision of the designer. Directing and designing a high profile fashion show is like directing a blockbuster movie, presenting beautiful clothes in a creative style. It is important that the choreographer relates to the designer's essence of style. Fashion choreography is required for commercial and professional ramp shows, product launches where the client wants some stage show, and fashion weeks wherein the display of garments is the main focus. It is a long learning process and one has to do a lot of research on new techniques in every aspect or sphere of making the next show better than the previous one.


Visual merchandising is an art of creatively presenting a product or a service to prospective clients to boost sales. The concept is now extensively used as a marketing tool in the retail sector. Visual merchandising puts the merchandise in focus in an appealing and stimulating manner, creates desire and attracts customers, thus augmenting the selling process and maximising sales. With the increase in the number of shopping malls, five star hotels, boutiques and retail outlets, there is a demand for Visual Merchandisers.


In today's fashion scenario, textiles play an important role as costumes reflect ones personality. When we take the case of textiles, it not only include woven, knitted or printed fabrics used for making clothes but also materials used for furnishing, upholstery, carpets, lace etc. Productions of enormous variety of textiles necessitate the need for a career in Textile designing.


They arrange and supervise the marketing of fashion clothing for manufacturing houses, textile firms and retail stores. It is a highly competitive job involving a variety of functions. They advice on latest fashion trends, organise fashion shows, assist in advertising i.e. promoting sales and liaison with fabric dealers to ensure that the fabric, buttons and colours are of the correct shade, quality and design. Coordinates may be required to travel widely to get an idea of the fashion trends.


Leather has become part and parcel of modern accessories, in possession of almost all sections of people. Everybody uses leather in some form or the other and it is always in demand for fashion, sport and comfort. Besides footwear, Leatherwear constitutes a variety of products ranging from accessories like belts, luggage and bags, jackets, gloves, purses and caps to toys, upholstery, baggage, musical instruments, garment tags, gift items etc. A career in Leather technology is a lucrative option these days. Designing involves creating new patters according to fashion trends. Computer aided Design (CAD) is used in this field.

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